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Plasa hosting information technology service rules

Plasa hosting is a rule information technology service specializing in the field of net service namely domain hosting and net style. Plasa hosting currently manages thousands of domains and iranian language client hosting throughout Indonesia and several other countries. For more maximum service rules for customers and prospective customers of hosting plasa. Hosting services are very grateful for the support of customers so far the rule of making business confidence.

Plasa Hosting comes from the web design, software development and programmer community, which is from 1998 in the special city of Yogyakarta, Plasa Hosting is started from small, free and inexpensive website projects. However, Hosting Plasa is more advanced and developing until now. Starting in early 2004, Plasa Hosting has marketed web hosting and domains to the public domain in Indonesia and the Legal Entity CV. INDOINTERNIX and Deed of Establishment of VIDDI DANDI YANTA, SH in Denpasar.

Plasa Hosting is the only web hosting available at

Indonesia, the members themselves immediately register the domain and make hosting automatically (instant) without interference from Plasa Hosting.Domain starting from Rp. 35,000 per year. very cheap and suitable for students who are studying to create a web or tourism business venture both in the country or abroad.

Plasa Hosting Datacenter is located in Seattle Washington Softlayer. Inc. USA and Indonesia Cyber ​​Building (IIX Hosting),

placed in the only Telkom facility that is famous and ever made. Using a strong infrastructure and access to large data also uses the best backbone. The facilities are equipped with voltage control, HVAC, fire extinguisher, network connection and security. The network architecture uses Cisco products, Cisco 7500, 2924 XL EN switches that will provide maximum power and protect data distribution errors.

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