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The kind of modern house Architecture you should know and you desire

Architecture is the highest form of expression in a person’s mind. In architecture design there is spirit, human values, loyalty, and confidence from the maker. download gratis The architects certainly combine many things in making the design of buildings that want to wake up. Good psychological consideration of occupants, cultural values, building functions, to the style or style of architecture.

The architectural style that is manifested in building-banguan in Indonesia is quite diverse. All have their own characteristics.

The style of Mediterranean architecture is inspired from the existing buildings in Italy and Spain. The style of mediteranian architecture has a download gratis simpler ornament, giving the impression that gives priority to comfort. In the late 90s this architectural style began to be widely applied to the design of homes in Indonesia.

Ekseterior on the building-style architecture is generally dynamic academic. Layout of the building spreading in the house with a large area, although there is also a mediteranian-style house with a download gratis compact form composition, for the house on a more limited land. The balconies protrude from the roofless facade and railing of the balcony, and the windows have smaller and fewer sizes, also a hallmark of Mediterranean architecture.

The dimensionless interior is more functional, the part of the ceiling generally directly exposes the roof structure and not too high. For ceiling-level buildings show the floor structure directly. But in Indonesia generally still use the ceiling, either on the building one floor or multi-storey house. This is due to the perception of most Indonesians who consider a house incomplete if it does not have a ceiling.

The room in the mediteranian architecture style house also has a more spacious size of the efficient, not exaggerating magnitude like a classic building. But the layout of the room is still separated using a massive separator like a wall. This building style with the Mediterranean download gratis concept refers to the concept of European imperial building in the 80’s. The characteristics of the building can be seen from the large pillars and the existence of arches and ornaments on the wall decoration. Not only that, the spirit of the Mediterranean concept is to try close to the nuances of nature, so that the building materials also use a lot of natural materials such as clay and natural rocks.

This Mediterranean concept is perfect for you who want to highlight the luxury of the building. It is very visible how the Mediterranean design there are doors and windows are large. Not only the size, color aspect also affect the luxurious impression on the concept download gratis of this building. The use of colors that are often selected are brown, red brick, yellow soil. So really illustrate the design of the royal building that seemed luxurious.

Building materials in the style of architecture mediternian generally use natural building materials, such as wood with finishing mate / dof, wrought iron / wrough iron, rustic type ceramic floor cover with wide yat (+/- 4-7 mm) cream, beige) although many also use the paint as an interior finishing, especially interior.

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