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Classroom Instruction Plan that Teachers Must Master

The teaching program is a plan of implementation of teaching and learning process based on the consideration of the objectives to be achieved, materials, methods, tools, time allocation and evaluation so that students master the learning process and optimal learning outcomes. Increased teacher download gratis education qualifications are expected to improve the ability of teaching professionals.

Teachers in this case is very important to do considering the teaching profession is a job that is not easy to do. In teaching is the ability to analyze the needs of students, make decisions to do, designing effective and efficient learning to enable students through motivation, download gratis evaluate learning outcomes, revise learning to be more effective. Teaching is a managerial activity that must be done professionally

Efforts to reform education in a planned, directed, and sustainable can be done and run well if a teacher can improve and develop quality and qualifications. Improving the quality and qualifications are download gratis expected to improve the professional ability of teachers to produce a better generation of tomorrow.

Improving the teaching profession is a job that is not easy to do. Teaching is not just a routine and mechanical activity. In teaching contained abilities, analyzing student needs, making decisions about what to do, designing effective and efficient learning, enabling students through extrinsic and intrinsic motivation, evaluating learning outcomes, and revising the next lesson to be download gratis more effective and able to improve student learning achievement, with Thus teaching is a managerial activity that must be done professionally. Even teaching is not just a managerial activity that affects profit and loss alone, such as activities in the business world.

In this regard, the learning process itself is an unpleasant activity for most students. There are some students who do not want to learn at all. This is a teaching-learning activity that is the object of conceptual understandings, formulas, and formulas of theory, in which case it is very difficult to use, giving no logical and realistic examples to concepts. ideas or ideas that are still nature, so that can be understood students,  download gratis then the help of teachers is possible to be understood by students, the concept can be understood and explained by students and students no doubt and confused. While pembe; download gratis the lesson itself is an environment consisting of goals, learning materials, learning strategies, learning tools, students and teachers, all of whom are uncertain of each other and focused on each other and all are focused and focused on the goals

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